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How To Bake Chicken Breast. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

24 thoughts on “I feel like this needs to be a T-shirt….

  1. Best kinda crack from the freezer section! Brings me way back!! That are sarah lee and pepperidge farm cakes

  2. Remember when they were part of the KFC Mothers Day special? My God Kfc and that cake was a feast of lings!👌❤

  3. When my Mom was away, my Dad would buy us a McCains deep and delicious cake and cut it into 4. That would be dinner.

  4. My favourite quote is from @nigellalawson when someone asked her what’s her guilty pleasure she said “if there is one thing you shouldn’t feel guilty about it’s pleasure!” And those are words to live by!

  5. This cake is obviously haunting you 😂. I love that it inspires so many great memories in people. My mom let us have it for breakfast sometimes “because it has dairy in it”. I love that woman.

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