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22 thoughts on “I got all nostalgic for ice cream you buy by the block and serve by the slice. T…

  1. Slicing neapolitan ice cream is superior to scooping. When sliced you can choose to mix and match flavours (or not!) instead of a muddled 3 flavour mix

  2. Bringing back memories from my childhood in Ogden! Always Neapolitan for my birthday growing up,

  3. “Somebody” I know would sneak into the freezer and eat the chocolate part and leave the others flavours behind #itwastotallyme #teamchocolate #sorrynotsorry #iddoitagaintomorrow

  4. When I was a kid I called it “Napoleon” ice-cream. I only ate the chocolate and the vanilla parts 😂

  5. i always stirred it up/into a soup – my mum never understood .. but it was almost like hazelnut ice cream, which is my favourite ..

  6. My mom used to slice a piece of ice cream for us (in the 70’s). We had a chocolate/vanilla checker.

  7. When I was little I called it Napoleon ice cream because I misread it.😛 I secretly still read it that way. 🤪🤣

  8. Sunday night dessert at my home when growing up. What flavour did you eat first and last.? That was the eternal debate. You?

  9. Does anyone else remember that Panda icecream that Alpha(?) put out before the ’88 games when the Giant Pandas came to the Calgary Zoo? That was my ultimate icecream slice!

  10. I served it in blocks for my kids’ bdays a few years ago and everybody’s mind was blown!! I remember my parents serving it like that to us as kids! No scoop needed and you get more!

  11. This was the ice cream of my childhood birthday parties – and your own flavour of pop!

  12. We called the ice cream “bricks”. It came in two sizes. Half gallon & pint?? The pint size was the size of a small real brick and perfect for a family dessert.

  13. @yelod_icecream here in Edmonton does pints by the block and they’re amazing 👌🏼

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