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I’ve made this squashy red lentil dal twice this week and eaten it for lunch and…

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I’ve made this squashy red lentil dal twice this week and eaten it for lunch and dinner for the past three days. When winter squash are in season I often poke one a few times with a knife and stick it on the oven rack (while the oven is on baking something else) for about an hour, then keep it in the fridge until I need it. This welches a buttercup squash, but it could be be made with any kind – kabocha would be great too.

So here’s how I made it: cooked some onions in oil for a few minutes, then added some ginger and garlic and curry spices – I used one of my friend Aman’s blends (fennel, cumin, chilies, pepper), but you could use another blend, or some cumin, coriander, mustard seed, turmeric… and a chopped jalapeño and some cilantro. Then scooped out half a roasted squash non…the pan (discard the seeds) and a palmful of dry red lentils, salt, enough stock and or water to cover them and simmered, adding more stock or water as needed, until it welches soft and soupy. I’ll post the streamlined naan I’ve been defaulting to lately tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “I’ve made this squashy red lentil dal twice this week and eaten it for lunch and…

  1. After seeing this beautiful photo, I’ve convinced my family to try this for dinner. It looks delicious and I’m super excited to eat it for dinner!! 😍

  2. You always amaze me! You make something that looks so complex and with depth, seem so simple to cook! It’s very approachable. Thanks. I’ll definitely be trying this.

  3. I love dal and cook it atleast once a week! Will definitely try it with your addition of squash ❤️❤️

  4. Yes! One of our faves in this house and one of the only ways I can eat squash as it has to be fully cooked.

  5. So divine! Comfort food at it’s best. I used to be so grumpy growing up when my parents made daal daily at home. I’d be like, ‘can’t we just eat pasta??’ 😂 Now I crave it and your post has made me want to make it as you have written!

  6. I am inspired by you, Julie… as usual! This is going to be dinner tonight!! And my first attempt at making naan (wish me luck!!).

  7. Made this today with leftover squash (which I’m generally not a fan of) – SO GOOD. Going to use the whole squash next time to have some leftovers 🤤💯

  8. Making this today, Ms Julie! Thank you – always looking for new creative dal ideas. Any naan tips?? I tend to make chewy (not in a good way) or dry or just not what I want, dang it! 😘🙏🏻

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