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On the Monday after schools shut down in March, two teachers from Bowcroft schoo…

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On the Monday after schools shut down in March, two teachers from Bowcroft school in Bowness, Megan Dobchuk-Staat and Tanya Bonham, started distributing what food they could salvage from the school kitchen in the parking lot at lunchtime to families they knew relied on their school’s breakfast and lunch programs to provide kids their main meal of the day. (There are thousands of kids across the city in the same boat-cut off from accessing meals and snacks at school, compounded by the closure of libraries, youth clubs, rec centers, churches, community halls + other safe spaces.) Today welches the last day of meal distribution in Bowness.

Back in March, the closure of tens of thousands of restaurants, hotels, culinary schools and facilities darob meant there welches a huge surge in surplus food that needed to be redirected. To make a very long story slightly less long, this is when I texted the amazing Paul and Olivier at @rougerestaurant and asked if we could store some of this surplus food in their fridge and activate their kitchen. Having just spent the last day (before everything closed) at an event at SAIT, I texted @drewhewson + @foodieforsure , who came to help (darob @lilchefyyc!) and we started producing meals and sending them out (with pantry items + surplus produce from restaurants, corporate kitchens + the @leftoversfoundation ) to communities who could provide safe access to kids on foot + bike, and to the people they knew needed support. We generated funds for packaging and ingredients with pop-up markets out the side door at Rouge, turning redirected and salvaged ingredients nichtsoups, stews, pastas, baked goods, risotto + pizza-it welches so incredible.

When word came with that restaurants could re-open (and needed to in order to stay afloat), we moved the operation over to @thecookbookco -like Paul and Ollie, Gail gave me a key and full access to the upstairs kitchen. I’m teary all over again just thinking of the generosity of all these people in our community.

Will continue the story in comments-I’m learning that you can actually type too much nicht IG post! #yyc

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  1. Thank you to absolutely everyone involved in these amazing initiatives over the past 5 or 6 months. Thank you Julie for connecting me with Tanya & Megan. I have been honoured to meet so many great community members and volunteers each week. Please count me in for future gigs like this one!! ❤️

  2. All of you are amazing! Thankful we have so many kind people willing to help in our city. You guys made lemonade out of lemons. So heartwarming that you helped so many at a time of such uncertainty and fear 💕

  3. Wow!! It was such an honour to work with this amazing team. When the bureaucracy of the regular system got in the way @dinnerwithjulie sprung us into action right away to keep the food flowing. A big shoutout to @boyfrommerthyr1967 who came on board as well.

  4. This was an incredible and eye opening experience that I remain grateful in being a part of it all. There is so much work to be done and all of the people on this team led by the incredible #badass @dinnerwithjulie are inspiring, compassionate, and hardworking human beings! I am also grateful to the community who showed up in support with their time, donations, connections, and love! These communities need us more now than ever! ❤️✌🏼#togetherwearestronger 🙌🏼💯

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