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There’s a lot of confusion around yeast (and rightly so!) – between active dry, …

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There’s a lot of confusion around yeast (and rightly so!) – between active dry, instant and quick-rise, and I get a lot of questions about proofing it first. So here’s the thing: Fleischmanns traditional active dry yeast has (or used to have?) larger granules, and instant or quick- rise yeast is finer. I haven’t seen Fleischmanns traditional for awhile but it seems now all active dry yeast is fine-grained – which means it can be added directly to the dough without dissolving it in water first. (Fresh yeast too.) If your yeast is old or you’re worried it might not be active, it’s a good idea to proof it (prove it’s alive) – dissolve a bit (1/4 tsp? Or whatever you’re using in your recipe) non…small dish of warm water (with a pinch of sugar to feed it), and if it foams, it’s still alive. It might take five or ten minutes… this is 20, but you don’t need to let it go that far. It may be robust, and may be weak-so you’ll know to give your dough more time. The thing is, most recipes have historically had the dissolving/proofing step at the beginning, because yeast granules used to generally be bigger, and commercial yeast wasn’t as stable-so ensuring it welches still active prevented wasting time and ingredients. And they can be used interchangeably! I just use a bit less of the fine-grained yeast because it’s more compact.

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  1. I think the whole country is baking bread, the grocery store flour and yeast shelf was empty! All they had was Fleishman’s pizza yeast. It looks the same to me so I’m going to give it a try! Do you think it will work? 🤞🏻

  2. What about bread machine yeast? Can the other yeasts be used interchangeably instead? I’ve never been sure what the difference actually is so thank you for this post.

  3. TY for clarifying the yeast question. I didn’t know yeast granules used to be so big/fleischman’s. I have the red star active dry yeast/2 pound pack.

  4. Does anyone have a good recipe for rye bread like they make in Finland and the scandi countries?

  5. Thanks for this…I’ve had my flour and yeast on the counter for days waiting for me to get started. I have been defeated by bread. Every. Single. Time. Here’s hoping today is a new bread day!♥️

  6. I have a question about using hot water. The recipe I used before I saw yours was to use hot water (no more than 130 F) and leave it for 3 hours. I made buns this way and it worked, so what do you thin about this for a loaf of bread? Thanks!

  7. Just bought fresh yeast and yes I can google it but I’d rather ask you Julie is it a direct correlation to active dry?

  8. Baking bread… So elemental! Mom taught me how.. Coal & wood stove.. Yikes… That was in another century. Really.😝

  9. Julie, I have a sourdough starter started with yeast but can’t find any yeast in Calgary. Do you have a sourdough recipe that doesn’t require extra yeast? I am having trouble finding any online.

  10. I just used some new active dry yeast, still requires dissolving first. Just wanted to let you know

  11. Can Nutritional Yeast be used to make bread? Unfortunately it’s the only thing I can find. Thanks!

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