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What a fun day!! I’ve hardly kept up with all the butter tarts being baked acros…

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24 thoughts on “What a fun day!! I’ve hardly kept up with all the butter tarts being baked acros…

  1. It was so fun and my daughter aka a picky child gave the raisinless ones I made for her and her brother 10 thumbs up ❤️

  2. Great fun Julie! Thanks for this and all you do every day for your community, in the largest possible sense 💕

  3. Loved it! And what better way to bring people together than butter tarts! Thank you! And those look amazing. 😍

  4. My family, mum and dad, and a nearby friend appreciated the fruits of our labours. The #buttertart fairy made a couple of drop offs!

  5. Had a great time baking 6 dozen and dropping them off on lots of porches this afternoon. Pretty sure they are all okay with raisins. 😂😂

  6. It was had so much fun watching and listening in to the tips over my Sunday morning coffee I had one that I took out is the freezer from Christmas baking of them. That’s the only time I do make them as they feel like Christmas to me. But love the sentiment of sharing making them in honour of the butter tart festival that got cancelled. I loved the hour. Thanks for sharing your time and easy going nature.

  7. What is the filling like in these butter tarts – firmly set or gooey and runny when you bite in?

  8. Julie, I used your recipe, with a twist. I soaked my raisins and currants in Bourbon. Amazing! Thank you!

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