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Who still has a recipe box? This is one of the ones I inherited from my grandmas…

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Who still has a recipe box? This is one of the ones I inherited from my grandmas kitchen, completely stuffed with typed and hand written cards and newspaper clippings.

24 thoughts on “Who still has a recipe box? This is one of the ones I inherited from my grandmas…

  1. I do! And I just asked for a replacement box because mine is such a mess. So great that you have your grandma’s-one if my mom’s cousins “borrowed” my grandma’s box while everyone else was at her funeral (!) and it hasn’t been seen since

  2. I love mine! My sister gave it to me for my birthday a few years back, I write out all my favorite tried and true recipes. My mom will pass down my grandmother’s to my brother or I eventually, they even created a photo book of her other recipe clippings and notebooks for us as a gift, it’s a good way to pass them on to multiple family members!

  3. Mine is my mom’s old recipes, with the same typed, handwritten and clippings. Such wonderful memories! 👩‍🍳 I have a vast collection of cook books and clippings from the paper…quite a few of yours are included! 🙂

  4. You betcha I do! Filled with recipes from Gram (and her neighbours), old magazines & shortening boxes… some hand written, others typed like yours. I make some of those recipes to this day. Will never get rid of it.

  5. I have my mom’s recipe box and a cookbook (all in Dutch with my mom’s notes in Dutch as well!) that my Aunt gave to her when she came to Canada in 1954 to marry my dad. I can’t understand it all but I love it!!

  6. Absolutely. I think it’s even homemade. I do love looking through it seeing recipes from long since gone relatives like “Vi’s Friendship Cake”.. ❤️

  7. Have recipe boxes from both sides of our families … from the Polish and Icelandic grandmothers and from both mothers (I am a collector of our heritage recipes)! And, a recipe book from Bill’s late father who only started cooking after his divorce … and became quite good … including loving letters on how to cook family recipes from his EX- mother-in-law (at his request) so he could keep family traditions going! Very funny notes! ❤️

  8. Oh I love that she credits the author of each 😍 I have my grandmas carrrot cake recipe, also handwritten. In 1990, I actually brought 2 cakes she’d baked with me to Calgary for friends who loved it! No idea how I got those through customs! X

  9. I have “the blue duotang”. The first timr I left home my Mom photocpoied and typed out a bunch of recipes for me and put thema in plastic sleeves in a spring clip duotang cover. I’ve collected pages and clippings in it ever since so now its contents are at least three times too big for the clip. I’ the only onewho can find snything in itbecause the only orgsnization is according to what is most frequently ir recently used. That and I know that duvh anch such s recipe is “hand written on the back of a bank envelope” or from the back of a box photocopied on a sheet with thee others”.

  10. I do! My mom’s. I found the recipe for carrot strudel (ground in a meat grinder) with a pastry made with heavy cream. Saskatchewan farm food. Growing up, we always made it in the fall with sweet garden carrots. I gonna make it! So good.

  11. My mom gave me hers, it was in a folding accordion file..loved going through it..♥️had to replace the file though but now mines looking just like the original.

  12. I have 2. Both are full to bursting with recipes from my mom and grandma. Both are now gone😢 but I still love seeing their handwriting while I’m making the recipes we used when they taught me to bake.

  13. I have my moms and my mother in law’s- both of whom have passed. For my sister I want to make a recipe book with my moms hand written recipes and some pics of her- done with those online scrapbooking websites.

  14. I have a large collection of my mother’s recipe cards and boxes. Recipes from her friends and mother – most in her handwriting. When I read them it’s like she’s there with me❤️

  15. I definitely do. I have my own (married 46 years), my mother’s and my grandmother’s cookbook that is filled with cut out recipes.

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